Inside the Googleplex

On my first day of work, I arrived at the Googleplex early, and since I didn't have a badge yet, I checked in as a visitor and sat down in the Building 43 lobby, waiting for the orientation folks to show up. There was a copy of the MetropolisMag on the table in front of me, and on the cover was the title of an article about the design of the Google campus - "Behind the Glass Curtain."

It was an interesting read, and there were lots of pictures (bear in mind that I hadn't actually been inside any of the buildings then). Take a look if you're curious to see what the environment here is like. Of course, the whole place is much busier (and consequently, less pristine-looking) during the day, but the pictures give you a general idea of what it looks like. I'll also try to post some pictures of the campus and the building where I work sometime soon.