I'm in San Jose this weekend for the regional semi-finals of the Imagine Cup software design contest.

We were at Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View yesterday, first for the contest itself, and then for a small "Tech Fest" event that they organized for attendees. The contest was not bad, but I didn't make it to the national finals. Since I just graduated, I wouldn't have been eligible anyway. Based on my score in the semis, they offered me an interview in the evening for a full-time position at Microsoft, but I already have other plans, so I didn't go ahead with it.

The MSTV/IPTV group at the Tech Fest had one of the new, black Xbox 360 Elite units running an internal version of the IPTV software that they're expecting to release towards the end of the year. That was pretty cool. Other than that, not much that I hadn't already seen before. All-in-all, a fun weekend trip though.