I'm in San Fransisco this week, attending the O'Reilly Web 2.o Expo. I just went to "Ignite" tonight, which is based on the Ignite Seattle series of events hosted by Brady Forrest.

It's a fun event where each speaker gets only five minutes to present his/her topic - twenty slides, with fifteen seconds alloted per slide. Obviously, that means you don't get to hear anything deeply technical, but it's interesting to see the techniques that various speakers employ to get their point across, given such a short period of time. In fact, one speaker at tonight's event actually blazed through 70 slides in five minutes. :)

From tomorrow until Wednesday, I'll be attending the actual sessions and keynotes. Probably won't get a chance to blog in realtime, but I'll post quick highlights to my Twitter stream. There's also an official Web 2.0 Expo Twitter stream, so keep a watch on that too, if you like.