The 2006 International Consumer Electronics Showcase begins this evening with an opening keynote presentation by Bill Gates. A live webcast of the keynote is available, as always, and begins at 6:30PM PST tonight.

CES looks like a very interesting event this year, with keynotes by top executives from companies like Sony, Intel, Google, and Yahoo. Besides that, there's bound to be a whole bunch of slick, new gadgets from thousands of companies that are attending the show.

I would have loved to represent OSNN again, but I'll only be flying back to Cali tomorrow. The tickets for the NYC trip were booked well in advance, or I would have taken a direct flight to Vegas. No worries though - Patrick is there this time, and he's promised to keep us up-to-date with lots of pictures and info on his CES blog. I'll also be closely watching Technorati and Flickr, as well as sites like Engadget and Gizmodoover the next few days.

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