Scoble posts about a new service called CoComment that lets you keep track of all the comments that you make on other blogs that you read, and any other responses that may follow.

It's a great idea. I tend to lose track of comments that I leave sometimes, and this looks like a nice way to have one single, centralized place to keep track of all of them and follow up if necessary.

It's currently an invite-only beta. I managed to sign up with a code, so I'll be trying it out soon.

Update: I just posted my first comment on Brandon's blog using this. It's pretty straightforward. You fill out the comments form as you normally would, click the CoComment bookmarklet, and submit the form. The comment then automatically gets added to your CoComment account.

You can find my comments page here. Yeah, being one of the first few users, I managed to grab the username "Kunal" before anyone else could this time. :)

Also, if you do get an account, it won't work with this blog yet. I don't use the standard Blogger comment system. CoComment currently only works with Blogger, MSN Spaces, MySpace, TypePad, Wordpress and Xanga blogs. I might be able to make it work with this blog once they make the necessary tools available.