Thanks to Marc at Office Evolution for bringing this to my attention.

It looks like Dell has launched a site called IdeaStorm, where people can submit ideas for new Dell products and services, and vote for their favorite ones. The voting system works a lot like digg, where the most popular items move up to the top of the list.

Several folks are asking Dell for a Tablet PC, which is something I've wanted to see for a long time too. As Marc suggests, Dell's entry into the Tablet PC market would definitely be a good boost for the platform in general. Besides, Dell notebooks are already some of the most widespread machines among the student population, a segment of the market that would benefit the most from the features that Tablet PCs have to offer.

I've been using my Gateway Tablet on campus for the last several months, and I find it so much more versatile compared to paper now. I can insert additional space between paragraphs on-the-fly in OneNote (great when your professor makes a disorganized mess on the whiteboard!), easily intersperse diagrams and equations with text, and search through vast amounts of handwritten notes almost instantly when I need to before exams, etc.

If you'd like to see a Dell Tablet too, go vote for the idea. There's a lot of other good feedback, including requests for machines with less pre-installed software. So check out the site and vote for the things that you'd like to see.

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