I started watching Lost towards the end of January after reading about it online, and hearing about it from friends. Looks like it took me almost exactly a month to catch up, especially because of all the midterms and assigments this month, but I'm finally here. Still haven't watched tonight's episode though; it's waiting for me on the DVR at home, for the weekend.

This seriously has to be one of the most addictive shows I've watched, even though I admittedly watch very little TV. The nice thing is until now, I had a constant stream of pre-recorded episodes at my disposal, so if there was a really intense cliff-hanger moment, I could just continue watching subsequent episodes, time permitting. Now that I've finally caught up, I'm going to be playing the weekly waiting game, just like everyone else. Damn! I knew I should have slowed myself down. Then again, would I have really been able to control myself? :D