I've been using WinSCP as my SFTP/SCP client for a while now. One of my favorite features of this client is how closely the functionality resembles Windows Explorer or any other modern file manager. The app has been designed so that once you connect to the server, you can simply double-click any file that you want to edit and save the changes, just like you would for a file on your local drives. All the downloading and uploading automatically occurs in the background. It's a much nicer experience compared to traditional FTP clients that use the usual two-pane view.

The only thing lacking in WinSCP is support for regular FTP. Since FTP is an insecure protocol, I personally use SFTP as far as possible, but sometimes I do need to connect to servers that only support FTP. That's where I've decided to use FireFTP, a free FTP client extension for Firefox. I remember trying this a few months ago, but it wasn't really up to the mark. However, it has improved over time, and the current version is fast, lightweight and supports all the core functionality of a good FTP client. Plus, it's nice to be able to use Firefox's tabbed browsing capabilities to open up multiple FTP sessions in different tabs.

If you're a Firefox user, I suggest giving FireFTP a try. If you use SFTP/SCP (as you should be), WinSCP is definitely the way to go.

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