It's been a really busy and fun week! Started work at the Goog on Tuesday, and I'll be here as a software engineering intern this summer.

New hires had the initial orientation session on Tuesday - lots of paperwork, getting our badges, learning more about the company in general etc. During the rest of the week, we attended a number of talks, many of which were really interesting and informative. Most of the content was confidential though, so I can't really say anything more than that. For the same reason, I'll be blogging more about my general experience here during the next three months, rather than going into any specific details about my work.

On Thursday evening, they took us to the Texas Rangers vs. SF Giants baseball game at AT&T Park in San Fransisco. I had never been to a baseball game before, so it was an interesting experience. I've put up some pics that you can take a look at.

Google Interns at the Giants Game

On Friday, I attended my first TGIF meeting, which is a weekly, company-wide gathering where executives (including Larry, Sergey and Eric) give us an update on all the latest happenings at Google. All Nooglers (short for "new Googlers") had to wear propeller-head hats and placards. It was quite amusing.

Nooglers at TGIF

The work environment here is awesome. Everyone I've met and talked to has been friendly and helpful. There are internal tech talks all the time, so you can learn more about new technology and projects that other groups are working on. The perks are great. The food is excellent (yes, free breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday on campus, as you might have heard), and there's a huge variety in each of the cafeterias to cater to almost everyone's tastes. The micro-kitchens on each floor are stocked with snacks, about 20 different types of cereal, and a whole bunch of drinks, and you can go pick up anything you like, anytime. There are massage chairs, couches and bean-bags all over the place if you want to take a break and relax for a while. There's an on-site gym, volleyball courts, and free laundry machines to wash your clothes too. You just don't feel like ever leaving the place. ;)

I'm still in the process of exploring the campus and learning more, and I get the feeling the next three months here are going to be really cool. :)