Jeremy Zawody wonders what percentage of subscribers to his feed use Bloglines.

Out of curiosity, I checked my FeedBurner stats and got some numbers. The top three most popular aggregators among my subscribers are Bloglines at 28%, NewsGator Online at 19%, and Firefox Live Bookmarks at 9%. The rest use one or more of the following - the Windows RSS Platform, Google Desktop, NewsGator Outlook Edition, Safari RSS, FeedDemon, MagpieRSS, Omea Reader, RSS Bandit, Sage, SharpReader, and Thunderbird. A couple of people are using aggregators that FeedBurner doesn't recognize.

The fact that Bloglines and NGO take the top spots doesn't come as a surprise to me. I've used both (I use NGO these days), and found them to be the most responsive and reliable web-based aggregators out of the ones I've tried. There are a bunch of fancy new AJAX-based aggregators out there too, with new ones coming out every so often, but most of them are still lacking quite severely in performance and responsiveness in my experience, especially when handling a large number of feeds. It's also not surprising to me that the top two spots are both taken by web-based aggregators rather than desktop applications. More and more people are starting to use multiple computers (one at home and one at work, or a desktop and laptop, for instance), sometimes even running different operating systems, and using a web-based aggregator gets rid of the pain associated with keeping feeds in-sync across multiple machines.