Sennheiser HD-202

Maybe the insides of my ears are shaped funny or something, but for some reason, I've never been able to find earbuds that'll stay put without lots of adjusting, tweaking and fiddling. And even then, they fall out quite often, which is pretty frustrating.

I had enough of it and decided to order a pair of closed, semi-circumaural Sennheiser HD-202's earlier this week. They're larger, DJ-style headphones so I'll only be using them indoors, or on road trips and flights because of the ambient noise insulation. The stock Creative earbuds that came with my Zen Micro are still around for general outdoor use. The Zen's earbuds were better than most stock buds that I've listened to. Now the Senns make them sound like crap. :D

The HD-202's pack quite a punch in terms of bass, and they're slightly lacking in the mids and highs, but I like the sound overall. The sound insulation is great, and they're also comfortable, light, sturdy and pretty slick-looking. A good buy, methinks. :)