Chris Pirillo just linked to this impressive video via Twitter today.

In the video, Jeff Han and Phil Davidson from Perceptive Pixel demo a really cool multi-touch driven user interface. There are examples showing how you could navigate through Google Earth, explore tree structures, manage photos and videos, surf the web, etc.

Multi-touch HCI

I remembered another video I had seen on Channel 9 back in October of 2004, in which Andy Wilson from MSR demonstrated an early prototype of a multi-touch UI called Touchlight. "Minority Report becoming a reality," I had commented in that thread. :)

When Xerox PARC developed the graphical user interface in the late 1970s, it was a breakthrough that totally changed the face of modern computing. Since then, there hasn't been anything equally revolutionary in HCI design. Do you think multi-touch based interfaces, combined with advances in speech recognition, could be the next big thing? Whatever the future holds, I do think our generation is going to experience some really fascinating stuff in this area in the years to come. :)