A couple of days ago, I picked up a Canon PowerShot A430 at a local electronics store. I had been on the lookout for a nice digital camera during the last couple of weeks, and after considering the options, this one seemed to fit the requirements nicely.

Canon PowerShot A430

As you can tell from the picture (taken with my T-Mobile MDA), it's quite small - about the size of my palm - so it should be convenient to carry around. I took some pictures yesterday in different lighting conditions and they all came out really well. There are a bunch of shooting modes like Color Accents, Color Swap etc. that add some spiffy effects to the pictures as they're taken. There's also a Super Macro mode for macro shots, and the pictures come out crystal clear. I still have to try out the video mode and some of the other features.

I'll probably end up taking lots of pictures while I'm here in the Bay area during the next three months. First day of work tomorrow. Totally looking forward to it. :)