I know you're thinking the lack of updates since last weekend has something to do with that Xbox 360. That's actually not true. :) In fact, I left the 360 behind at home last weekend since I knew it was going to be one crazy week.

It was Engineering Week on campus, and I was working with some of the other ACM co-ordinators on an event. Last year, we gave away a Sony PSP and a bunch of other stuff. This year, the big prize was a Nintendo DS, and there were gift cards and other giveaways too, of course. Preparation for E-Week is never an easy task, especially when you want to put up a good event, so we ended up staying on campus until 4AM on Tuesday morning building our "riddle boxes" and getting everything set up.

The second week of classes just got done, and I'm actually enjoying all my courses this quarter so far. Apart from the three courses that I've officially signed up for, I've also decided to audit an Information and Computer Security course. For those unfamiliar with the term, that just means I'm sitting through the lectures, but not taking the class for credit, which means I don't sit for exams or turn in assignments. The class is being offered for the first time to UCLA CS undergrads, the lecturer is an industry guy, and the content is really interesting, so I'm looking forward to learning some cool crypto stuff.

I finally did get some breathing time after coming back home on Friday night. Plugged in the 360 again this evening and downloaded the demos of Burnout Revenge and Project Gotham Racing 3 from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Both of them are excellent, although it seems like Burnout Revenge might end up being more fun. I also tried Oblivion, and while it looks like a very engaging game with an interesting storyline and breathtaking graphics, I'm not really planning to get into it, simply because I know it'll take up way too much of my time, and I really don't have that kind of time to spare during the quarter.

Anyway, hopefully you won't have to wait until next weekend for the next post. I've had a few things that I've been meaning to post about, and I'm going to try to get back to the regular posting schedule that I used to maintain. This blog just turned three years old five days ago. :)