It's been a while since my last Twessenger-related post. Twessenger was really just a personal project that I decided to put up here on this site, so it (pleasantly) surprises me to see that it continues to draw in a very sizable amount of traffic even four months after the last release. I'm glad people are finding it useful. :)

So anyway, the first bit of news is that the last release of Twessenger is, in fact, compatible with the latest beta release of Windows Live Messenger (v8.5.1238.0601). It's been working fine for me, and I haven't received any emails telling me otherwise.

The second bit of news is that Twessenger was apparently included on the cover CD of the June issue of Internet Magazine in Italy. One of their editors had emailed me for permission a while ago, and I was happy to give it to them. So, hello to all my new visitors from Italy. Keep those tweets going! :)