Here's the second installment of the "cool/useful apps for WM phones" series of posts. :)

Smartskey is a key remapping tool designed to make one-handed operation of Pocket PCs easier. It's written by "water" over at the XDA-Developers forum. This app might not be as "exciting" as VoiceCommand was, but it's still very useful.

One of the limitations of many Pocket PCs is that they don't have physical buttons for the Start menu and the OK/Close option. That means you need to touch the screen to launch apps and close them, which is a little clunky. Smartskey remaps the left and right softkeys on the phone so that if you press and hold them down for a moment, they serve as Start and OK/Close buttons respectively. It also allows you to customize the functionality of the D-pad while you're on the phone screen. I've set mine up so that if I push the D-Pad down, it pulls up the recent calls log; I don't have to touch the screen to get to it.

It's quite customizable, and it makes your Pocket PC feel a lot more like a phone once you get it set up. Try it out. You'll need to create a free account on the XDA-Developers forum to download the files.