So my contract with T-Mobile has come to an end and we're in for an upgrade. I think the time has come to part with my 3650.

Some details - the Nokia 3650 is a Symbian Series60 smart phone. It's a tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM device, and has been unlocked by me, so it should work all over the world with any GSM carrier that supports one of those frequency bands.

I've really enjoyed using the phone, and being a Symbian-based device, it allows you to install a whole slew of third-party applications that can do a ton of great stuff. Want to connect to a FTP server and upload/download files? Not a problem. Read RSS feeds on the go? Possible. Surf the web with a full XHTML browser, including Opera Mini? Sure. Send/Receive POP3 and IMAP email? Of course. There's a huge community built around S60 devices.

The phones (we're selling two, one is my dad's) are in perfect working condition (see pictures below), with small scratches and dings on the replaceable faceplate due to normal use. You can always buy replacement faceplates on the web for less than $10 if you like.

Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650

The package includes:

* One Nokia 3650 Phone
* One Original Nokia Battery
* One Original Nokia AC wall charger
* One 16MB MMC Memory Card
* Original Product Manuals

The auctions start at $50 each with no reserves. These things kill the RAZRs when it comes to functionality, by the way. ;) Take a look at the Ebay pages for all the details and full phone specifications: Phone 1, Phone 2.

Feel free to leave a comment here if you're interested or have any questions. :)